Dyer: “I Would Never Date Your Teenage Daughter Without Your Permission First”

Hitting back at critics who have vocalized concerns about his colorful career, former Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer formally addressed those who’ve condemned his previous relationship with a minor.

The mayoral hopeful stated, “God's forgiven me. My wife's forgiven me. This department's forgiven me…” Dyer continued on, asserting, “these allegations are absolutely preposterous. I am a gentleman through and through. I would never date your teenage daughter without getting your permission first.”

The Machiavellian Mr. Clean has a bold vision for the future of Fresno which he has dubbed “One Fresno.” According to this plan, he would serve his entire term as mayor from Clovis, insofar as he wouldn’t have to get dirty going to the poor parts of Fresno.

“As a leader and role model, I take my influence seriously,” Dyer added. “I encourage anyone looking to have relations with a minor to get both verbal and written permission by their parents before proceeding."

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